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Knowing Alzheimer'sDisease

It is the typical cause of dementia, another term for memory loss, and other cognitive capacities detrimental to everyday life in the elderly population. Alzheimer’s is not a normal occurrence in aging. It becomes worse as the personages.

The Progression of Alzheimer's disease is continuous, then it falls onto dementia as the number of years drags on. Here are 10 pre-Alzheimer’s signs and symptoms.

  1. Have a hard time finishing common tasks. Tasks that are habitual will be troublesome because they have to rely on remembering things.
  2. Loss of memory interferes with everyday life. As we all know we rely on memories or information we have gained in our life experiences. They will rely on family members in finishing a certain task.
  3. Making plans, schedules, or problem-solving. Activities that involve deciding, cooking, or being aware of financial bills. Concentration will become a barrier for them and is going to take them a while longer to finish something.
  4. Space and time awareness. They would mostly wonder how they got to a certain place, at times they may forget the time of the day.
  5. Challenges with spatial relations and visuals. They will have problems with driving because they have to know where to go. Determining colors, shapes, and sizes can be problems as well.
  6. Difficulty in speaking and writing. Coming up with certain vocabulary can hinder the communication process.
  7. Frequently losing objects.
  8. Poor decision-making.
  9. Social isolation. Because of having communication problems, and decision making, they tend to seclude themselves.
  10. Personality and mood changes. They tend to become wary of people, become uncomfortable with their family members.


Dementia is a general term used to talk about different manifestations in the dwindling of the cognitive process.

Caring for a loved one should not be a burden or difficult. We have facilities that will ensure safety and security until their untimely passing. Colorado Springs Alzheimer’s home care and Colorado Springs dementia home care can give you what you need. We also cater to hospice and palliative care for the elderly.

Colorado Springs Alzheimer’s home care and Colorado Springs dementia home care have 3 important core elements and will be further discussed.

  1. Minimize aggravation. A person with dementia can become aggressive if tasks are not achieved. To limit challenges and make feelings of frustration disappear.
    • Setting up schedules. Make an everyday routine. This includes toothbrushing and having medical appointments. This is ideally done if the person is refreshed and can mentally be focused.
    • Be patient. You should know what kind of task may eat uptime. They should be scheduled more and give them resting intervals per task.
    • Involvement in care. Let the person do a certain task with minimal assistance. An example would be setting up the clothes to be worn by the patient. This would certainly make the person feel good.
    • Alternative choices. Don’t give a lot of choices, instead offer two.
    • Keep instructions short and simple.
    • Avoid frequent naps. This can make the person restless and more agitated during nighttime.
    • Minimize stimuli. Turn off any unnecessary devices that can interfere with a conversation.
  2. Susceptibility to change. A person with dementia over time will be able to do things independently. To minimize annoyance, be flexible and anticipate your expectations and routine as often as you can.
  3. Making the surroundings safe. Dementia makes decision-making very poor and can cause accidents.
    • Prevention of fall. Put up safety handrails in areas that are needed. Remove any unnecessary clutter.
    • Putting up locks. Install locks on cabinets that may cause danger.
    • Fire safety measures. Always make sure a fire extinguisher is always available. Make sure that matches or lighters are well hidden.


The progression and symptoms are different for every individual. Alzheimers care Colorado Springs role is to handle the day-to-day activities, provide constant monitoring, security, and care. You don’t have to worry constantly, they are safely in our care. Visit us for more information.